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Why voice tech matters to....Brand Managers.

Decades worth of time and billions worth of dollars have been spent by brands to develop their visual persona. Now, with the rise of voice-activated technology, brands are having to spend time, money, and creative juices to develop their auditory persona.

The risk of inaction for brand managers is the following: if you don’t design your auditory persona yourself, the voice-activated device (Google or Alexa) will provide a vanilla-flavoured default experience that lacks the differentiated and unique features that your brand and marketing efforts provide on all your other digital channels. This would be akin to having Google search determine what elements of your website are important, and not you.

Emerging technologies have long promised us a journey towards intuitive user experiences that lack cognitive load, while providing information in an emotionally-driven manner. For brand managers, entering the world of voice-activated devices provides clear opportunities to meet this promise. Voice offers the opportunity to define your auditory brand, and provide compelling use-cases for your customers in a way that previous generations of brands and marketers would have only dreamed about.

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