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The Online Course for Voice UX,

UI, Strategy, Design

What will you learn?

​From this online course you will:

  • Understand what voice user interfaces are and their importance for brands

  • Discover where voice UX and voice UI fit into your digital strategy

  • Use frameworks to help you find use-cases for voice apps

  • Learn techniques for voice and conversational design 

  • Have arguments to get buy-in for voice projects, and ROI that voice brings

  • Cut through the hype around voice and appreciate the limitations

  • Study case-studies of good and bad voice apps by brands

  • Look into the future of voice and how your brand can prepare for it

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Who is this for?

What have our graduates said?

What is the course outline?

  1. Introduction to Voice: An overview of what voice applications can do, why they're important for brands, with examples of how different brands and industries are using voice. Also addresses limitations and misconceptions about voice.

  2. Strategy: A step-by-step process that helps you start with voice, using strategic frameworks to help discover where voice fits into your consumer journey, and points to consider when looking for use-cases.

  3. Design: A dive into principles of designing voice experiences, with practical tips and frameworks to guide your design process. Includes examples of poor and well-designed conversational experiences (incl. multi-modal).

  4. Future of Voice: Looking beyond the recent wave of adoption, we analyse where voice assistance is going and how your brand can prepare for it.


Your Tutors

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Adi Mazor Kario

Senior Experience Strategist

Google Mentor & Google Assistant Expert

M.Sc. in Cognitive Science
Founder, www.ExStrategy.co

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Sina Kahen

Head of Strategy & Design, VAICE

MBA w. Conversational AI

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